Application: Tapping Mode, Intermittent Contact Mode


Monolithic silicon AFM probe for high frequency non-contact and tapping mode operation.

The rotated tip allows for more symmetric representation of high sample features. The consistent tip radius ensures good resolution and reproducibility.

The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFM systems as it is industry standard size.

For measurements in liquids please use the back side gold coated Tap300GD-G or the overall gold coated Tap300GB-G!




AFM Cantilever

Cantilever A
 40 N/m (20 - 75 N/m)*
 300 kHz (200 - 400 kHz)*
 125 µm (115 - 135 µm)*
 30 µm (25 - 35 µm)*
 4 µm (3 - 5 µm)*
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